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The GlobeScan Foundation’s principal aim is to conduct, publicize and interpret global public opinion polls on important topics so that the resulting insights can better influence decisions made at the international, institutional and personal levels.

While the site draws mainly from a decade and a half of global public opinion research conducted by GlobeScan Incorporated and the GlobeScan Foundation, we also recognize and draw from the ongoing multi-country polling work of respected colleagues at the University of Michigan, University of Chicago, WIN/Gallup International, the Pew Research Center, The Gallup Organization, and WorldPublicOpinion.org

At its best, global polling taps the collective wisdom of average citizens across the world. In this time of uncertainty over the state of the world, we believe long-term polling trends offer an important source of insight into where things are headed.

Top Concerns in 2016

Without prompting, terrorism and armed conflict dominate citizen concerns in many industrialized countries; while economic and other concerns come uppermost in emerging economies.



While terrorism and armed conflicts dominate concerns in much of North America and Europe, corruption and human rights abuses instead top the list of issues in a number of emerging economies – again emphasizing different perceptions in emerging vs developed markets. Peru is the only country where people rank environmental problems as the most serious. Spanish and Chilean respondents rate extreme poverty as most serious.


Focus on Global Public Opinion

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