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Unprecedented global concern about poverty and the rise of economic fairness as a political issue have convinced the GlobeScan Foundation that poverty warrants a major focus in our work.

GlobeScan’s research confirms the strength of concern and indeed self-interest about extreme poverty and the gap between rich and poor. The tracking chart on the right shows that extreme poverty held top position in our global issues table from 2007 until 2011 in terms of its rated seriousness, with seven in ten citizens rating it as “very serious” in a couple of those years, just ahead of “corruption,” and significantly ahead of the 10 other issues tested. While terrorism has edged out poverty as the top global concern today, this will likely be temporary.

Extreme Poverty Continues as Top Concern

When prompted, terrorism, extreme poverty, human rights, and corruption are the global issues seen as most serious overall.




The global public is most affected by issues with high emotional impact, while more abstract issues, like the state of the global economy and religious fundamentalism, are considered “very serious” by a lower proportion of respondents. Terrorism, extreme poverty, human rights, and corruption constitute top worries for the global public among a range of possible global problems.



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