MPOWERD, a social enterprise making brilliant, clean energy solar products and solutions accessible the world over, asked the GlobeScan Foundation to help it assess the social, economic and environmental impacts of its Luci solar light.

According to the report, 98% of Haitians who received a Luci inflatable solar lantern reported that the lantern replaced the need for kerosene-based lighting in their homes. For these families, eliminating their reliance on this toxic fuel freed up income to purchase valuable goods and reduced the reported level of pollution within their homes with more than 90% of families citing a decline in both breathing problems and eye irritation.

Doug Miller, President of the GlobeScan Foundation, said, "It is clear from this research that the Luci solar lights initiative has significantly improved the quality of life of recipient households in Haiti." He added, "My colleagues and I have been honored to apply our social science expertise to help MPOWERD evaluate this excellent initiative."

Luci lights were developed with the aim to eradicate Energy Poverty through Solar Justice. The collaboration between MPOWERD and The GlobeScan Foundation demonstrated that Luci solar lanterns do indeed positively impact the lives of Haiti’s poor. As a 20 year old surveyed male from the town of Mirebalais said, “Life is better with Luci.”

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