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In partnership with Oxfam International and in collaboration with a wide array of aid agencies, philanthropic foundations and social researchers worldwide, the GlobeScan Foundation is undertaking the first quantitative survey of the poor and ultra-poor worldwide.

The Survey of the Poor is the world's first statistically meaningful survey of the poorest of the poor around the world. It will operate as an incisive mechanism to capture objective and subjective assessments of their quality of life, their aspirations for the future, and provide a platform for feedback on aid programs, policy changes, and the implementation of government interventions over time. It will provide a forum for feedback from the individuals and communities that aid is intended to impact and influence, and as a result, provide a unique and powerful source of intelligence to the developmental community and policy makers alike.

When fully developed, the initiative will survey a minimum sample of 20,000 ultra-poor citizens across a minimum of 10 countries on a regular basis. To initiate the project and assure its viability, we recently completed a pilot study in India

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