header-textThe GlobeScan Foundation's solar headquarters building.

The GlobeScan Foundation is dedicated to helping achieve a more sustainable and just world for all. To accomplish this we develop and apply a range of social science tools to give voice to global publics, help unlock collaboration and accelerate progress.

We have chosen the theme “Letting Everyone Speak” to manifest our mission for two reasons. First, we believe everyone has the right to speak on matters that affect their lives. And secondly, when we let everyone speak, we open up the possibility of collaboration, which we believe is essential for meeting humanity’s challenges.


The GlobeScan Foundation:

1. Conducts non-commercial global polls on matters of public interest
2. Gives voice to influential experts and stakeholders on important topics
3. Develops and applies engagement processes that unlock collaboration to solve problems

More About The GlobeScan Foundation

  • Leadership Team

    Learn more about the leadership team behind the GlobeScan Foundation.
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  • Global Partners

    The GlobeScan Foundation achieves our global reach through a network of trusted partners.
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  • Focus Areas

    The GlobeScan Foundation’s principal aim is to conduct, publicize and interpret global public opinion polls on important topics, such as poverty and hope, so that the resulting insights can better influence decisions made at the international, institutional and personal levels.
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