July 12, 2017

Survey of the Poor: Results of Pilot Study in India

Begun in 2015 in partnership with Oxfam International, the Survey of the Poor initiative of the GlobeScan Foundation has set out to conduct the world’s first statistically meaningful survey of the poorest of the poor around the world, giving voice to this important global public and providing metrics to help governments and development aid organizations assess their impact and better target their efforts.

The goals of the Survey of the Poor initiative include deeply understanding and widely reporting the life conditions, views and needs of those living in poverty around the world, and to track over time the improved conditions that world governments have promised them. Without engaging with people living in poverty in this way, we cannot see how the Global Goal of eliminating poverty will ever be achieved.

In the early development of the Survey of the Poor, a series of qualitative focus group discussions were held in India during 2015 with people living in poverty and their advocates in both urban and rural settings.

This current report gives details of the methodology, findings and statistical analysis from our first quantitative survey of 1,021 Indian residents living in poverty, which was conducted from April to June 2016. Seen as the pilot phase of our initiative, this survey was aimed at piloting and testing both the sampling methodology and questionnaire. The learning from this phase of work will be applied to further developing all aspects for the 2017–2018 rollout of the initiative across five to ten countries..

Download this report or view highlight findings in our infographic

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